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I'm a  daughter, mother, grandmother, friend, teacher, artist, seamstress, quilter, writer, scrapbooker.

Crafts have been a big part of my life for a long time. From sewing to quilting to macrame, to crocheting and knitting, painting, writing or scrapbooking...you name it and I've done it. There was even a time when I painted animals, houses and cars on rocks !! Friends have them in their flower gardens and brought them back to their homes in Ontario, Alberta, B.C., N.S. and  Florida.

  After "rock animals", I started painting on canvas and became serious about it in about 1987. 

  Be adventurous, surf around my site and...contact me if you need help with painting or quilting or sewing...!






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 Last update: September 30, 2010


 5 -1/2  years!!