Original Acrylic Paintings

by Barbara Griffin

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I have included sold paintings because there may be prints available. 

All images on this website are copyrighted by the artist

Now accepting  commissions from photographs.

 Ship Harbour from Sugarloaf Hill

24" x 48" original Acrylic painting $700 unframed

signed and numbered 12"x24" Prints $35 

Limited edition 200

 framed  print from original painting ($125 total) 

any color frame and mat

Approx. 17" x 27" ( 2-weeks for framing)

signed and numbered            Glare spots from flash on glass!!    


 Sugarloaf Hill

Original Stretched canvas 16x20 - $120  

signed and numbered prints   11x14 $35 

    Limited edition 125


16x20 Original sold

signed and numbered prints 11x14  $25

Limited edition 150

The Rams - IONA Islands

16x20 Original sold
signed and numbered
prints 11x14  $25

Limited edition 100

The Ice Took It

16x20 Original $150

signed and numbered prints 11x14 $25

Limited edition 100

16" x 20" Original $150 unframed

signed and numbered 11 x 14 prints $25

Limited edition 150

Harbour Sunset (Fox Harbour, Placentia Bay)

Original Acrylic painting 15x30  --  $150 reduced

signed and numbered 10x20 prints $30

Limited edition 50

Grandfather's Old House

Original  16x20 -- not for sale
signed and numbered         11x14 prints $25

Limited edition 50

The Tekakwitha (The Tek)

Original 16x20 -- $150
signed and numbered 11x14 prints $25  

Limited edition 50

Fox Harbour Sunset

Original oil  on Masonite board
11x14 - - $100
no prints

Monday Memories

16 x 20 original $100

signed and numbered       11 x 14 prints $25  

Limited edition 50

  Sailing Ship

original 16x20 sold

signed and numbered prints 11x14 -   $25

Limited edition 100


   Waves and Arctic Tern

     Original sold         
signed and numbered prints 11x14   $25
Limited edition 150 
                 Evening Splendor

Artist's Private Collection


 Red in the Pine  

16x20 Original painting $80  no prints  

Memories of Home  

Commissioned Painting  from photographs

price inquiries: bnnkgriffin@griffinpaintingsandcrafts.com


    Lupine Lover  (from photograph)

       12" x 16"     canvas panel - original $100

Limited edition 150             9x12 prints  $20


  Long Gone are the Days  

 (when this stage was new) original sold   


Old Stage and Store-loft

11 x 14 original $80

 Challenges I 16x20    (sold) (memories of resettlement)


Ready for the Season (personal collection)


After the Catch (sold)

Limited edition 125     Prints 11x14 $25

St. Philip's Church    original  sold

8x10 prints -- $25

Limited edition 100      

  Cool Friend  

Commissioned -- painted from photographs

price inquiries: bnnkgriffin@griffinpaintingsandcrafts.com 


      One Last Look   

canvas panel Original16x20   $100 


Moon on the Palms 

(Memories of that warm vacation down south)

 16x20 Original Painting $100

November Sunset with Geese

16 x 20 original painting $100


Deer at the  Cabin 

11x14 (personal collection)


Frozen Brook    Sold             


      Cabin by the Lake   sold

Wendy's Cardinal



Double fishing Fun

Stretched canvas 16x20  Original  $100  


  Woodcutters and Black Lab                           

Original on Canvas panel 11x14 $170

Professionally Framed,        

             Limited edition 125        Prints  11x14 $25                  



 Grandmother's Quilts

Original 11x14 canvas sold

Airing Grandmother's Quilts

Original 11 x 14 canvas $80

8x10 prints $20

Limited edition 100

Catching the Breeze

11 x 14 original canvas $50


    Sisterly Love   

11x14 canvas panel Original    $100

Limited edition 100      Prints  11x14 $25              


  Christmas Memories

 11x14 Canvas Panel Original $140

 Limited edition 150      prints 11x14 $30            


     Evening Service

Original framed 16x20 $200

 Limited edition 100           prints 11x14  $35
 A donated print  to"Meg's 2nd Wind"  (Meghynn Norman-Cystic Fibrosis sufferer- needs a double-lung transplant) was sold on tickets and realized nearly $750.  Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets!!  The framed print was won by Miss Martha Griffiths.


Skating on the Pond   

Original 11x14 canvas $100

                Limited edition 150    11x14 prints $25          

 Jewels - After Hurricane Gabrielle  Sold

Waiting for A Special Day  ( gift)     


  Christmas Deer  

Original canvas panel  11x14  - $60 reduced


  Chickadees and Dogberries 11x14 (sold)



Mountain Vista

canvas panel Original 8x10  $40 reduced

Frosty Moonlit Night (after Bob Ross)

 canvas panel Original 16x20  - $70 reduced


 Childhood Skating Memories on Pond Garden

with Black frame original 11x14   $80 


                                     Remember When (PJ's first store)
                    Original 8x10 canvas $30


         Apple on Board 

                                                               stretched canvas 8x10  - $30 


Frog Hunting with Poppy sold    

signed and numbered Prints 11x14 -  $25

Limited edition 150

Little Berry Picker   Not for Sale


My Pets (from photos)

canvas panel 11x14  $1o0 (Sample ) 


First Sight of Home

canvas panel 8x10 sold


Sharing the Punishment

canvas panel 11x14 original Not available

Limited edition 100      prints 8x10  $25


Waiting for Cold Toes

Limited edition 100

signed and numbered prints 8x10 $25


Glacier Peak (after Bob Ross)

16x20 canvas panel  Original  $80 

Seal's Cove Beach

 original stretched canvas   (gift)


   Howling at the Moon (gift)


 Elephant Silhouette commissioned  


                   Sacred Heart Church (sold)                   



  Canada Goose

11x14 canvas panel Original $60


Cool Rattling Brook (after Bob Ross)

16x20 canvas panel original $80

Loon Song

8x10  canvas panel $50

Cabin Retreat (oil painting)

11x14  stretched canvas Original    $80 


Cold Winter Blues

 8x10 stretched canvas Original  - $50

Cool Brook

11x14 canvas panel Original  $60

Desert View

8x10 stretched canvas Original   $40

Mountain Brook

8x10 canvas panel Original  $50

Flying High

8x10 canvas   panel Original  $30



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Payment can be made by email money transfer or by Canadian postal or bank money order. Order sent when money received.

 (Delivery by Canada Post where possible)

All images on this website are copyrighted by the artist and may not be used without written consent from the artist.


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