All Quilts are lined with polyfill batting and are lightweight .

Wash gently and line dry or spot wash.

Permanent Fabric Markers used and paintings are heat pressed.

             NEWFOUNDLAND HERITAGE QUILTS                    

Twin/throw has 15 images, Double has 24 images and Queen has 30 images

Pre-Order only with 50% deposit and balance on completion.

Lap Quilts with 12 squares, Wall Hangings with tabs and 12 squares,

Lap size -    Wall Hangings -     Tablecloths -
Contact me for pricing

Newfoundland Quilt Blue BG

Lightweight Bed Quilts

with sheet linings  (batting only if requested)
Wash  gently with gentle detergent or spot clean

christmas tablecloth or quilt
Christmas Tablecloth or quilt
63x77 double size quilt or large tablecloth
20 images - lightweight - sheet lining

Christmas Season quilt
  • perfect for sofa back or throw quilt
  • 66x80 fits Double size(6 inch drop per side)
  • Available 
Red and White Quilt
Queen, available

Wild Thing
Zebra Crossing - Wild Thing
Lap quilt

8-block stash buster
8-block stash buster
Double size, Available

16-patch with black or white borders
orange and plaid
Orange and Plaid 
Queen size, Available

Blue String Quilt with sashes
Queen, Available

4-patch blue sashes
queen, available

.  yellows, blue blocks with daisies bed quilt
 .66x77  fits Double size bed with 6" overhang each side

  • Newfoundland Twin size  or throw quilt
  • red posts and tartan plaid sashing
  • pre-order with deposit 

  • Yellow roses reversible quilt
  • 66x86 double size 
  • sample

  • Wild horses Quilt
  • 74x98 fits Queen size
  • Available 
  • Blue and Yellow Zodiac quilt
  • 68x94 fits double size
  • Newfoundland Tartan Quilt with green posts,
  •  Twin size or throw quilt, 15 scenes,
  • pre-order with deposit
  • Greens, red, blue, beige, plaid blocks quilt
  • 68x82 fits double size, 7"overhang each side,
  • sample

  • SAILOR'S Quilt with borders
  • knots pattern,  72x80 fits Queen size,
  • Sample

  • Cow and Rooster print blocks 
  • Can be used as a country tablecloth
    62x92  Double  Sample

  • Orange roses, striped backing 
  • 62x90 twin or Double size bed quilt
  • sample


Memories are made with quilts.

MEMORY QUILTS, in which you supply the fabric, are made from clothing such as dresses, skirts, shirts, or household items like curtains, sheets, pillowcases or dust ruffles. The fabric must be in decent condition and will be cut up into blocks or strips. Depending on the amount of each color fabric, a certain pattern will be designed.

You will need to supply an inner sheet or batting, and a sheet for the back that is in good condition or new.  Twin size 48" is $60, Double size about 60" wide is $70 and 72" Queen is $80.

Sizes are approximate. Samples only

Sample Memory Quilt 1
was made for a daughter who has left home and loves her quilt that was made from her dresses, her mom's maternity dresses, kitchen curtains from when she was a little girl, blouses, all precious memories for her now.

Sample Memory Quilt 2 was made from dresses, blouses, tops, sheets and curtains.
     Sample Memory Quilt 3 was made from a dad's old flannel shirts, flannel pjs, and crib sheets for the white filler blocks with black sashing.

Sample Memory Quilt 4 is a Crazy Memory Quilt made with hundreds of little pieces of fabric sewn in a crazy patchwork design. This pattern is used when there are a lot of different fabrics but very  little of each one.

Sample Memory Quilt 5 is a total flannel quilt made with  flannelette blocks from pyjamas and blankets. It is very heavy and very cozy warm. Twin is $60  and double is $70. No queen size in this heavyweight quilt. Can be made from crib sheets and toddler or adult pajamas or anything of good quality that is made from flannel.

Depending on the amount of work involved each quilt could take 3-4 weeks to complete.

March 22, 2018